Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Delay and the Aging Process

A few simple notes:

To any lovelies who are waiting on an interview from me this week, I do apologize, but my schedule has been through a bit off kilter; tomorrow afternoon, my decade-old Honda-baby and I are making a run for it. We're crossing the Jersey border and heading up to Vermont (college visit). I am more terrified for my car than I am for my emotional well-being every time I put on an independent French horror movie. It's scary as hell.

Also, these are my last few days as a teenager, and I am somewhat bummed out. April 28 is my 20th... and what a pointless year this one promises to be. I treated myself to some zombie literature tonight, and for those who know me well enough, I know what I really truly want for my birthday. Aside from a secretary, a personal assistant, and a makeover for my car, get me this.

There, now. I'll be back soon, and please don't hesitate to wish me luck!

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