Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Cheater's Guide to the Interview: slasHERS

I am currently accepting volunteers for interviews; and even if I didn't go out of my way to contact you, don't think your brainwaves aren't welcome.  I truly admire beautiful creatures with thought patterns.

This said, what, exactly, would an interview with me entail?  Lovely question, so relieved you asked!  

While the topics I've covering seem a little sporadic right now, I'm holding out hope they'll become more cohesive in a final draft.  Anyway, these are some of the topics I'm looking to cover:
_A Brief history on horror films, leading into why the genre is simultaneously so popular and so taboo (how films have mirrored cultural shifts, what the genre says about us as viewers/does it say anything?, what the current and future state of horrors look like...)
_Girls & Boys v. Death: *Gender in Horror *The History/context of a Final Girl *how boys v. girls are preyed upon as victims *how boys v. girls kill
_Technicalities (camerawork, conventions, "the norms of the abnormal"...)
_The Inescapable Sensuality of Death in Horror
_Exploring Artistic License: *namely, in rape revenge cinema (how much "should" be shown) *censorship in horror *overview of censorship in film
_How Controversial Ads Effect the Horror Experience
_Comedy in Horror
Side Story on: (MisSinEma- a brief on the history of women in Hollywood)
_Hair Die: How Color Effects Well-being
_Feminine Agency, Villainy, and Power: through shades of darkness (film noir, over-exposed Hollywood, and most importantly, horror)

As I mention with the actual interview, you are free to skip around the questions, answering whatever you feel most comfortable with.  If you cannot relate to a question, you are welcome to adjust the wording for your own interpretation, or bypass it completely.  The mood I'd like to convey with the questionnaire is one that allows the interviewee to engage in thought-provoking discourse without any pressure.  In that sense, as well, the interview is sent via e-mail, so you may take some time to familiarize yourself with the content and word your answers however you wish.  If any of the listed topics immediately strike you as something you'd rather stay away from, please let me know.  Otherwise, I can send everything, and you can pick from there.

If there are any projects/organizations you're involved in that you'd like for me to take into consideration, send me the information, and I can question you in accordance to your "resume," of sorts.  

The wording to a lot of the questions was designed for professionals in the field of horror and cinema.  So if anything seems odd to you, or you have some questions for me, I'm always delighted to hear from you at:

When it comes to interviews, I'm more flexible than my awesome, contortionist friend.

P.S. And yes, that was a Perfect Rainbow.  

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Kerri said...

fuzzy, i go to freaking film school. i may know a thing or two about camera angles.