Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Update; or, She Speaks!

Let's skip all the "where have you been, young lady?" formalities for now.

Since the last time I stopped by, I've become something of an 'expert' in hair color.  Though blondes definitely dominate the bulk of hair color study, I did find one unusual book about redheads (a color close to my heart, and my scalp); and no offense brunettes, but it seems to be that most blonde-centric writers deal with you only to bring up that you are the OPPOSITE of what the point at hand.  Well, at least you get some space in the pages.  Which is more than I can say for natural redheads, and then all those brilliant, day-glo "outcast" colors.  Purple is very much so a color.  But you wouldn't know it, when the only aberration of natural hair coloration mentioned is in the form of peroxide.  Ick.

Aside from this, I've made a few trips to the Museum of Sex in New York (I know, all work and no play makes Jackie a dull girl), the NYPL, and the Rutgers' libraries.  I actually have another Rutgers trip this Friday; in case the books I picked up tonight don't last me past tonight, I suppose.  Foolishly, I ended up at the Alexander library when I meant to get my lost ass over to the Douglass location.  I didn't walk away empty-handed, though!

  • Stay Out of the Shower: 25 Years of Shocker Films Beginning with 'Psycho' written by William Schoell

  • Horror Film: Creating and Marketing Fear edited by Steffen Hantke

  • Dark Romance: Sexuality in the Horror Film written by David J. Hogan

I need to balance all these books out with a nice little queue I've accrued on Netflix for horror documentaries.