Saturday, December 19, 2009

piles > piles

Vermont is a demanding mistress.  Furthermore, so is college.  While a full-time job seemed demanding, I'm going to go ahead and say school's just a bit more whiny at the moment.  Thus, further progress on this book has been delayed and reduced to (late) nights, (only some) weekends, and currently, winter break.  While I was still caught in the thick of the research, my files and notes and books and scraps and post-it notes and deranged doodles made sense to me.  Now, I'm working at just picking them back up and translating them to college-kid, dumbed-down English.  My most current list-goal-list isn't comprised of books to read or movies watched... that's a little too scary right now.  Even the horror movies I have stacked up next to me are looking a little too scary right now... fancy that. 

On the top of my list of priorities: making sense of the insanity.  This will translate to browsing through my old files and notes, and compiling a more concrete outline.  Then maybe breaking these big, bad topics into smaller ones.  More piles are what I need now--obviously, this is the only remedy to my initial issue of too many piles.  

My sub-focus, I suppose, of the moment is "Hair Die," how hair color affects a woman's status or role in the horror film.  From there, maybe I can leak back into the bigger issue: women in the horror film.  I'm still a zinester at heart, so much of my time this break will probably be spent breaking down (mentally?) topics into digestible piles for future articles.  I'd like to see some articulated brainwaves solidify by the beginning of next year.  At the very least, I'd like to post some late-night/early-morning b.s. rants.

Oh!  A resolution already. 


Maggie said...

You finally updated! I'm so proud! =P
ps. the hair die thing is awesome. when we get back to the land of crappy food and ice (not crappy ice, just ice), let's get a huge pizza and talk about hair color and horror movies! ^_^

Alice Bluegown said...

I have just been reading your huge Blogger profile, and am so impressed someone else rates 'Small Favors' among their favourites! Shame this blog seems to be moribund - it looks really interesting...